Cat Grooming

Cat GroomingRegular cat grooming not only reduces shedding but also prevents hairballs.  Cats spend a lot of time each day ‘self-grooming’ by licking and cleaning themselves.  Although cats are extremely clean animals, it is important to know that there are various benefits to having your cat professionally groomed, especially if they have long hair.  Regular cat grooming by a professional groomer can help reduce shedding and dander in your home as well as increase the health of your cat’s coat and skin.

Professional cat grooming will also allow you to check for potential medical problems, hair loss, inflammation, and unusual tenderness or lumps under the skin. Regular cat grooming is essential along with combing and brushing.  This keeps the coat clean and healthy, stimulates the skin, and allows the natural oils to circulate to the coat. It will also help prevent hairballs, which are the result of loose hair being picked up by the cat’s tongue and then swallowed.

At Tinseltown Animal Hospital, our staff is professional and compassionate and knows how to calm even the toughest kitty.  Call us today for all your cat grooming needs at (904) 619-9733.  We are committed to providing a stress free experience during your cat’s grooming and we treat every cat and kitten with love and patience during this process.   We offer a wide range of cat grooming services at our salon.

Cat Grooming Salon Services

•             Bathing and Grooming for Cats

•             Additional Services offered

•             Flea and Tick Control

•             Spot on Treatment Deodorizing cat

•             Itchy skin

•             Brightening Shampoo

•             Oatmeal shampoo with enriched nutrition

•             Pet teeth cleaning

•             Pedicure and nail grinding

Cat grooming packages are available at discounted prices and are determined based on the time taken to groom the cat and condition of the cat’s coat.

Bring the best appearance and personality out in your cat by calling us today for all your cat grooming services.  Professional cat grooming is not only important in terms of physical appearance but, also for your cat’s health.

We do require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations to maintain safe a environment for all pets. Rabies vaccination must be given at least 48 hours before checking in at our salon.