Dog Grooming

Dog GroomingDog grooming is a very specialized service and all pets need to be handled patiently and lovingly to make their grooming experience enjoyable. From bathing, clipping and scissoring, having their ears scrubbed, to trimming dog nails, and much more, it takes a professional staff to ensure your pet’s safety and outstanding results. A trip to Tinseltown Animal Hospital’s salon is where you will find that extra special attention for all your dog grooming needs.

Don’t forget that dog grooming is a very important part of being a pet owner. Dogs that are consistently groomed tend to have a shinier coat simply because the act of brushing and combing the dog’s hair stimulates the blood supply to the skin. Well groomed dogs are happier, better behaved, and healthier. While dogs have their own special needs, they are not unlike people. They want to feel good and also like the way they look.

Dog grooming, regardless of breed, age, or size, needs to be done on a regular basis as this prevents many problems such as paw disorders, excessive shedding, matting, and even bad breath. Regular dog grooming will also alert you of other medical problems that may go unnoticed without the special attention our staff provides; ear infections, skin irritations, as well as other medical conditions.

Dog Grooming Salon Services

At Tinseltown Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing a stress free experience for your dog. Our qualified professional pet grooming treat every animal with love and patience and are trained to style dogs of any breed or size. We offer a wide range of dog grooming services and pet grooming specials at our salon to include:

• Bathing and Grooming for dogs

• Additional Services offereddog grooming tinseltown animal hospital

• Flea and Tick Control

• Spot on Treatment Deodorizing dogs

• Itchy skin

• Brightening Shampoo

• Oatmeal shampoo with enriched nutrition

• Pet teeth cleaning

• Pedicure and nail grinding

Dog grooming packages are available at a discounted price and are determined based on the time it takes to groom the dog, the size of your dog, and the condition of the dog’s coat. Let a professional dog groomer at Tinseltown pamper your furry friend and experience how much happier and cleaner your pet will be! Contact Tinseltown Animal Hospital for an appointment or walk-in today for all your dog grooming services.  Begin saving today on our monthly pet grooming specials

Treat your dog to our dog grooming salon today. (904) 619-9733

Remember, a happy dog is a well maintained dog!  Your dog will look fuller, healthier, feel younger, and smell terrific!

We do require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations to maintain safe environment for all pets. Rabies vaccination must be given at least 48 hours before checking in at our salon.