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Microchips- 5 things you need to know

Here are some things you need to know about your pet’s microchip, whether your pet is already microchipped or you are considering getting one.

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  1.  Microchips do not require surgery or anesthesia

Your pet can be microchipped during any vet visit, and there is no surgery or anesthesia required! The process of microchipping is incredibly fast and simple, and it involves injecting the microchip in between the shoulder blades with a sterile applicator.

  1. You must register your pet’s microchip

After your pet is microchipped, you have to go online to the manufacturer’s website to register your pet’s microchip with details about your pet and your contact information. If you adopt or rescue your pet already microchipped, you have to change this information to match yours; this does not happen automatically.

  1. Just because your pet has an ID tag, a microchip is still important

A common misconception is that a microchip replaces an ID tag, or an ID tag will suffice instead of a microchip. The reality is, your pet should have both. Microchips require scanners to read your pet’s microchip number, so having an ID tag with your contact information is definitely a good step to avoid the scanning process. However, microchips have an outstanding recovery rate due to the fact that they are permanent; they cannot be lost, stolen, or illegible.

  1. Microchips are not tracking devices

A microchip does not show you the whereabouts of your pet; they simply make it possible for finders of your lost pet to contact you.

  1. Microchips are not as expensive as you might think

Many people are shocked to find out that pet microchips are not as expensive as they think. If you adopt/rescue your pet, they might already have an implanted microchip. Microchipping is a very popular process used by shelters during adoptions. Here at Tinseltown Animal Hospital, microchipping your pet costs only $44.99.