Pet Care Services

Pet Care Services in Jacksonville, FL

From pet vaccinations to pet grooming, our pet care services at Tinseltown Animal Hospital are the best quality services at a reasonable cost. It’s our top priority to keep your pet healthy and the best way to ensure your pet’s health is through regular wellness exams. Vaccinations aren’t the only preventative care measures to keep your pet happy and healthy. Our pet care services also include fighting against heartworms, checking for intestinal parasites, and a thorough evaluation of your pet’s overall health. Check out our Pet Wellness Plans to learn more about affordable options for keeping your four-legged friend healthy and active!

Pet Vaccinations

pet care services

Vaccinating your puppy or kitten, as early as 8 weeks of age, protects them from preventable, but life threatening diseases. Vaccinations should also be given annually to ensure your pet stays healthy. We offer wellness plans to provide the best quality pet health care services at a reasonable cost.
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Pet Spaying and Neutering

pet spay neuter

Tinseltown Animal Hospital recommends spaying and neutering puppies and kittens to help prevent future health problems as well as to curb over population. Our safe spaying and neutering procedures, including anesthesia, help to ensure your pet’s health at an affordable cost.


pet dentistry

Our pet dental services offer comprehensive care for your pet’s teeth. We provide preventative care, cleaning and polishing, digital x-rays, tooth extraction and oral surgery. Like humans, periodontal disease is a common condition found in dogs and cats, and the resulting bacteria can spread through your pet’s body. Bringing your pet in for regular dental check-ups can greatly improve their quality of life and ensure their dental health as they age.

Emergency Vet Care

Emergency Vet Care

We provide a wide range of pet care services including emergency care. Tinseltown Animal Hospital is the top choice for an emergency animal clinic. Emergencies can happen at any time, so that’s why we are open 7 days a week. You can make an appointment or walk in. *Please note: We are not open 24 hours.

Pet Diagnostic Laboratory

pet diagnostic laboratoryOur in-house laboratory is equipped to quickly handle several of the tests we use to diagnose any ailments issues your pet may be experiencing and properly treat them to get them back to their old self. Among the tests and evaluations we perform are blood cell counts, chemistries, endocrine testing, and blood gas analysis as well as microscopic evaluations.

Digital Radiology – Pet X-Rays

pet x-rays digital radiography

We utilize state-of-the-art  digital x-ray imaging equipment to provide us with high-quality radiographs to assist in our diagnoses.  Our board certified radiologist can review images and provide timely results, often withing just a couple of hours. In addition, we offer on-site ultrasound consultations to assist in diagnosing what ails your pet.

Whatever your veterinary need, Tinseltown Animal Hospital has a dedicated staff ready to top quality Pet Care Services for your beloved pet. Call Us today at (904) 619-9733.