Pet Neutering

pet neutering dog jacksonville flPet Neutering in Jacksonville FL

At Tinseltown, our objective is to make sure your pet is happy and healthy and with our pet neutering services, it will improve your furry friend’s health as well as save on future pet care cost.  Our experienced and qualified staff is here to ensure your pets obtain the best care possible during and after their pet neutering surgery.

Pet neutering is commonly referred to as a gonadectomy or orchiectomy which is the surgical removal of your pet’s testicles and is performed under general anesthesia; it is a common surgery performed with exceptionally low difficulties.  Pet neutering is performed to control genetic disease, modify behavior, pet population control, and several other medical health benefits.

Without neutering, your male pet may experience an enlarged prostate as he becomes older.  This is extremely painful and can be life-threatening if pet neutering surgery is not performed.  Other medical conditions can be prevented such as testicular cancer, perianal tumors, and other types of hernias.

Pet neutering is performed for various reasons:pet neutering kitten jacksonville fl

•    Curtails roaming
•    Lessens aggressive behavior
•    Prevents male pets from reproducing
•    Prevents many medical problems

Prior to pet neutering surgery at Tinseltown Animal Hospital, your pet will undergo a physical exam to ensure your pet is in good health to undergo anesthesia and have the surgical procedure performed.  Once your pet passes the physical exam, our staff will schedule pet neutering neutering cat jacksonville fl

Your pet will be placed under sedation and anesthesia with our skilled veterinary staff monitoring all vital signs closely during your pet’s surgery.  After the pet neutering procedure, the Veterinarian will begin the wound closure.  Recovery begins with restricted activity and quiet rest for a couple of days to allow for the healing process and for your furry friend to get back to their ‘normal’ self.

Pet neutering will improve the health of your pet and with our professional and compassionate Veterinarian and staff, your pet will receive all the care and attention he needs with our pet neutering services.

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