Pet Records

Pet records are useful to have for making informed decisions about your pet’s health care and to have on hand for boarding, traveling, emergency, and insurance purposes.So we made it easy to keep all that important information at your fingertips free of charge. Tinseltown Animal Hospital’s Pet Records portal gives you 24/7 online access to your pet’s health schedules, upcoming appointments, healthcare recommendations, and health related documents.

Being well informed of your pet’s healthcare truly makes a difference for your pet’s health. We encourage you to do periodic reviews of your pet’s health information. Log into the Pet Records Portal today!

Information Available on Pet Records Portal

After setting up your pet parent profile, you can view complete copies of your pet records. This includes vaccination history, exams, prescriptions, blood test results, fecal exams, deworming, and other important health information. For your convenience, you can also quickly schedule your pet’s next appointment to see the doctor at any time through your Pet Records Portal account.

In addition, you can update your contact information, emergency contacts, add your pet’s picture and additional pet medical information.All information can be downloaded and printed, which may come in handy on your next veterinary visit as you can be prepared with specific questions about your pet’s care.

Signing Up for the Pet Records Portal

You must be a current client of Tinseltown Animal Hospital in order to receive a Pet Records Portal account. Once you provide us with your e-mail address, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create an account. If you have any questions about using the portal or did not receive an email regarding account setup, or have questions on how to use the Pet Records Portal, please contact us at (904) 800-4335.