Pet Spaying

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Pet Spaying in Jacksonville FL

Pet spaying is the ultimate gift you could give your pet.  Not only will this prevent future medical problems but, will also reduce the occurrence of various behavioral problems from emerging in your pet.  This allows your furry friend to lead a healthier, longer, and a more content life.

At Tinseltown Animal Hospital in Jacksonville FL, our Veterinarian and qualified staff will ensure your dog or cat receives the best care possible during their pet spaying procedure.  By having your pet spayed, you will eliminate the apparent benefit of preventing unwelcome puppies or kittens and minimize behavioral characteristics such as aggression toward other pets, territorial, roaming, dominance, marking territory, and many other undesirable behaviors.

Pet Spaying Medical Benefits

There are many medical benefits in pet spaying with the most important being a longer life for your furry family member.  Other medical benefits include:pet spaying cat

•             Uterine infections

•             Uterine Prolapse

•             Ovarian tumors

•             Cystic ovaries

•             Endometritis

•             Cancer of the reproductive tract

•             Decreased chance of mammary tumors

•             Many other benefits

Pet spaying reduces the risk of many health problems for your pet in which some are costly to treat not to mention; terminal.  Call Tinseltown Animal Hospital today and ask about our pet spaying services.  Our friendly and qualified staff will answer any questions you may have about pet spaying.

Pet spaying simply put is a sterilization procedure for your female pet which prevents her from having unwanted litters.  This procedure often consists of removing not only the ovaries but also the uterus referred to as an Ovariohysterectomy.  This surgical procedure is performed under anesthesia and involves an incision to your pet’s tummy.

At Tinseltown Animal Hospital, our knowledgeable and qualified Veterinarian and staff are here to ensure your furry family member receives the greatest pet care possible; before, during, and after their pet spaying surgery.

Prior and During Pet Spaying Surgery

pet spaying jacksonville fl

Prior to the pet spaying procedure, we require a physical examination to ensure your pet is in the best health to undergo surgery.  Once your pet has a clean bill of health, our Veterinarian will schedule the pet spaying surgery.

Our certified staff will administer a sedative to calm your pet, order an anesthetic, and carefully monitor all vital signs closely.  A small incision on the tummy area will be made to remove the reproductive organs and once removed; wound closure begins by stitching the incision back together.


Pet Spay Recovery

The recovery period after having your pet spayed is important.  Excessive activity will delay the healing process and may cause complications.  Limit or restrict your pet’s activity following the procedure and she will need to be kept quiet and comfortable for a few days or until your pet is back to their usual self.

Our specialized and licensed Veterinarian and staff members at Tinseltown are available for all your pet care services. From pet spaying to pet vaccinations and pet wellness programs, Tinseltown Animal Hospital is the place to call.

Improve your pet’s health and make your appointment with Tinseltown today (904) 619-9733!