Providing the best care for your pet is most important to us, which is why we only use the best products when caring for your pet. All of our pet products are safe and recommended.
Wellness Plans:

A Wellness Plan is a pre-paid collection of discounted health care services for your pet. These plans focus on preventative services that keep your pet healthy by monitoring their health regularly so we are more likely to detect a problem before the condition worsens.
Some highlights of our Wellness Plans include:

  • You can pay for your pet’s preventative care at a greatly reduced rate and spread across the course of a year, with no interest!
  • Multiple free office visits/exams
  • Discounts of up to 50% on our medical services
  • Provided discounts on other services that are not included in your Wellness Plan!

radiographyWe have specific Wellness Plans created for puppies, adult dogs, kittens and adult cats. The puppy and kitten plans are available until your puppy or kitten is six months and provides all the necessary shots and vaccinations. These plans are broken into basic and complete plans depending on how much care your pet needs.

The adult dog and adult cat plans were developed to provide consistent, preventative care. This service is broken into basic, complete and special plans. With each upgrade come more tests and services aimed at bettering the health of your pet.