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Call our Spay Neuter Clinic today and ask our Veterinarian about the most suitable time to spay or neuter your pet centered upon physical condition, breed, and age.  Tinseltown’s Spay Neuter Clinic located in Jacksonville FL, will make common surgical procedures such as pet neutering or spaying as comfortable and safe as possible for your pet at an affordable cost.  We want to keep your pet healthy and happy but most of all, we want to prevent imminent health problems for your pet.  Tinseltown’s Spay Neuter Clinic is the place to call to learn about the many benefits in spaying or neutering your pet.

What is Spay and Neuter?

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Expect for your pet to be given a comprehensive examination to confirm good health prior to the spaying or neutering surgery.  At Tinseltown Spay Neuter Clinic, our goal is to keep your pets free from any pain.  We will administer a general anesthesia before surgery with medications given after surgery to reduce pain.Spaying your female pet involves the surgical sterilization removing reproductive organs that eradicate heat cycles and reduce unwelcome behavioral issues related to the mating instinct; neutering your pet is a surgical procedure removing the gonads that prevent your male pet from reproducing.  Both surgical procedures are common with little or no complications.  Not only will this prevent future health problems for your pet but, will eliminate needless stress on you, as the owner, and you’re pet.  Your pets will definitely be content in staying home instead of roaming after their procedure.

Spay Neuter behavioral and health benefits?

  • Demonstrate a better connection with peoplespay neuter clinic florida puppy
  • Less aggressive and destructive

Having your pet spayed or neutered can:

  • Reduce the number of homeless pets euthanized
  • Improve the health of your pet
  • Reduce unmanageable behavior
  • Save on the cost of future pet care

Most importantly is the improved health for both dog and cats.  This long-term health benefit of spaying and neutering help protect your pets from breast cancer, uterine infections, reduces the risk for testicular cancer and developing enlarged prostate gland and many other types of cancer and infections.

Keep your pets happy and healthy by having them spayed or neutered today.

Call Tinseltown Animal Hospital’s Spay Neuter Clinic for your Pet’s Appointment (904) 619-9733.